Here is the preliminary timetable and this programme is still subject to change.



16.07 - Participants arrival, ice-breaking games, introduction of the program

17.07 - Polish language lesson, AEGEE intro, folk dances workshop, evening with Warsaw 

              folk dance group

18.07 - Old City tour, dance flash mob in the Caste Square, European Night

19.07 - photography workshops + photo session, Praga district tour, Vistula river walk

20.07 - balloon trip over Warsaw, University's Gardens + photo contest, fountains show 

21.07 - Palace of Culture and Sciences, departure to Augustow



22.07 - boat cruise

23.07 - sunbathing and leisure time in Augustow, departure to Riga



24.07 - Participants arrival, Latvian language lesson, Old Riga sightseeing

25.07 - city rally to Mežaparks, Mežakaķis (ropes adventure in trees)



26.07 - trip to Jūrmala, volleyball, towel-ball and sand castle contest

27.07 - going to Guest House out of Riga, city rally on a way to GH, Pop-street contest

28.07 - back in time activities, live theatre (preparations and performances), Latvian sauna

              with salt and honey

29.07 - water activities (balloon fights, boating, swimming), departures to Riga



30.07 - “Lido” roller skating, Summer University Awards, Goodbye Party

31.07 - packing and departures