We will start our amazing TSU in Warsaw. How to get there?



Warsaw Frederic Chopin Airport, also called Okęcie is located in Włochy, some 10 km south of the center point of the city. There are Polish airlines, called LOT, operating many international flights but they are usually much more expensive than flights offered by low-cost airlines, so if you would like to save some money for entertainment waiting for you in Warsaw, you can choose Wizzair, Norwegian, EasyJet, German Wings and Ryanair airlines. While Wizzair, Norwegian and German Wings offer direct flights to Warsaw, EasyJet flies just to Kraków and Ryanair flies to other Polish cities, but the closest ones are Poznań, Kraków and Łódź.


Airlines that fly to Poland:

EasyJet (cheap flights to Poland)

WizzAir (cheap flights to Poland)

SkyEurope (cheap flights to Poland)

Ryanair (cheap flights to Poland)

British Airways

LOT Polish Airlines



Warsaw has three stations for long-distance trains:

Dworzec Centralny or Warszawa Centralna (Warsaw Central)

Dworzec Wschodni or Warszawa Wschodnia (Warsaw East)

Dworzec Zachodni or Warszawa Zachodnia (Warsaw West)


The best option is Dworzec Centralny (Warszawa Centralna) station, as it has the best connections with all the places in the city. All long-distance trains pass through this station and all stop there. It is the only long-distance station underground, but remember that it isn't the last station on the route!


Trains running eastwards start at Warszawa Zachodnia, stop at Warszawa Centralna and then at Warszawa Wschodnia, while trains heading westwards make the same trip in the opposite direction (except that they don't always stop at Warszawa Zachodnia). The same is true for arriving trains.


Tourists often find it confusing that the main train station (Warszawa Centralna) is not the last station on the route, so be aware of it!


Warszawa Centralna has direct railway links with Berlin, Hamburg, Vilnius, Kiev, Vienna, Prague and Moscow, which you can find here www.intercity.pl

If you fly with Easy Jet or Ryanair, you would have firsty to go to Poznań, Kraków or Łódź.

Poznań – located about 300 km away from Warsaw. It will take you 2-4 hours to get to Warsaw by train.

The cheapest option is to buy TLK or IR ticket which cost respectively 51zł and 40zł.

Kraków– 300km away from Warsaw, the price of the tickets is: TLK – 50zł, IR – 40zł.

Łódź– 130km away from Warsaw, TLK – 30zł, IR – 23zł.

You will find all info about the train connections here www.pkp.pl.

Foreign students are not entitled to the discount so you would have to buy a normal ticket!



There are many international bus connections to and form Warsaw,

for an overview have a look here




or here


In general it’s not so complicated as it may seem ;))


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