Usefull information:


Some advice:

Don’t forget your ID card, this can be needed for entering night clubs. It can be any document with your name/surname, date of birth and picture. If u have a student card, take it with you – it authorizes you to use discounts for public transport and entrance tickets to some places of interest.


Take the clothes against rain and wind (weather could be changeable), and comfortable sports shoes, swimming suit, clothes for party!


Visas, customs and entering the country

Latvia and Poland are members state of the European Union and travelers have the same rules as in other EU member states.


Internet, telephone

As a developed country of the European Union, all modern communication services are available in Latvia and Poland. WiFi connections are available in various public places – cafes, hotels, business centers, the airport and bus terminals The international telephone code for Latvia is +371 and for Poland +48.



Even though Latvia is a member of the European Union, the national currency of Latvia is not the euro, but the lat. It's price fluctuates around 1,43 lat per one euro and 1,84 lat per one USD.

Polish currency is złoty. It's price fluctuates around 4,14 zloty per one euro and 3,17 zloty per one USD.


Useful Words and Phrases

Latvian is the official language of Latvia, and Polish is the official language of Poland. To feel more comfortable while enjoying your Travel Summer University, we wish to offer you a number of useful words and phrases. Take a first lesson of  our national languages and be ready for more during TSU!


Expressions of politeness (firstly in Latvian, next in Polish):

Good morning- Labrīt/ Dzień dobry

Good day/afternoon- Labdien/ Dzień dobry

Good evening- Labvakar/ Dobry wieczór

Thank you – Paldies/ Dziękuję

Please/you’re welcome- Lūdzu/ Nie ma za co

Hello - Sveicināti/ Cześć

Good bye/see you again- Uz redzēšanos/ Do zobaczenia

Good night- Ar labu nakti/ Dobranoc

Cheers!- Priekā!/ Na zdrowie!